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In Other News…

I took updated photos and measurements today.  I am very pleased with the results!  My hard work is totally paying off.

sept 2012 - jan 2013

sorry about the formatting, but here are my measurements:

weight    Body Fat %     waist     hips           L bicep      R bicep       L thigh    R thigh


169.8        n/a                   37         41.875     13.5               14                24.5


165.4         n/a                35.25   37.5         13.375         14                 23                24.75     


156.8         27                   35          37             12.5              12.75         23.5             23.25


157            26.1                33          34.5         12.25           12.5           22.875        22.375

Even my boobs look perkier!  All good stuff…

Before Thanksgiving I finished Jillian Micheal’s Ripped in 30; last week, I finished her 30 Day Shred.  For the next month, I will alternate Jillian’s Killer Abs and Killer Buns & Thighs along with incorporating Kick Box Fast Fix on the weekends.  Of course, I will walk/run the dog every day and participate in lunchtime Yoga and Pilates with the ladies.  That is my favorite part of my work day!

In other news…

I have always loved photography and taking photos, and over the past couple of years I’ve been getting into photography a bit more.  I’ve purchased a couple DSLR cameras and taken a community college course.  I am always looking for ways to improve and of course, as with fitness, doing is what will make you better.  Since podcasts have help motivate, inspire, and teach me so much about health and fitness in the past few months, I have started looking to podcasts to improve my photography by teaching and inspiring me.  One I’ve found that I have fallen in love with is the Improve Photography podcast. I’m also participating in the CameraShy Take52 Photo Challenge on facebook.  This week’s theme was “fresh”.  This is my take on fresh:


“Start Fresh” – In the spirit of New Year’s Resolutions when it is common to start fresh with health and fitness goals.

Shot settings:
1/60 sec
ISO 320
50 mm
lighting – off camera and on camera speedlight, bounced

taken with my Canon 60D

In still other news –

GO PATS!!!  As I type this it is 4th quarter of the Divisional Playoffs Pats vs. Texans.  Pats are up 38 – 20 with 9:58 left to play.  Right now I’m wearing my 2011 AFC Conference Championship t-shirt.  It’s a little big, I need a new one, so the Patriots should really have my back and take the Championship again this year!  And while they’re at it, I’d like a superbowl championship shirt as well…


It’s a New Year!

I’ve never really been much for New Year’s Resolutions and I’m really still not, but there is a certain spirit of renewal and revival this time of year, so in that spirit, I’m going to try to get this blog up again (not that it really took off to begin with!).  I kind of fell off the blog wagon when I took off for Vegas in October.  I’m happy to report that I stuck with my goals and actually lost weight.  I worked out every day, including walking to and from the convention center and the strip from my off strip hotel room.  I enjoyed good fantastic food and drink; I made it to my celebrity chef crush, Bobby Flay’s restaurant, Mesa Grill!!  Shriek, Shriek!!  I ❤ Bobby Flay!

Since last I’ve posted, my goals have changed just a bit.  I was hung up on losing 100 lbs a few months ago, but I’ve abandoned that scale goal because it’s not really grounded and 90 or 95 lbs is just as impressive as 100 lbs!  All that matters is that I’m healthier and fitter now than I was 2 years ago or ever for that matter.  I do want to get into my “Healthy” BMI range, which is <145 lbs, so my revised scale goal is 145 lbs, but realistically, I want to get my body fat % down between 21 – 25%.  Currently, it is 27% based on measurements.

I had a wonderful holiday with my family, all sides 🙂  My husband and I celebrated Christmas 3 times, one with my side of the family, one with his Dad’s side, and one with his Mom’s side.  All celebrations were fun and it was so nice to spend so much time with family.  I also had a work celebration and of course there were the New Year’s Eve festivities!  I put on about 3 lbs over the holidays, but considering that I’d lost ~7 lbs since Thanksgiving, I’m not too bummed over it.  Those three pounds will wash away again!

Here’s a photo of me from the holidays:


That’s all for this update.  Will see you again soon!

Off to Vegas

I am headed to Vegas Baby for work this week.  I weighed in only 0.6 lbs away from 70 lbs lost this week, so I would like to maintain this.   My action plan to maintain this this week is:


1. Utilize hotel gym to practice couch to 5k progra

2. In hotel room, follow Jillian Michael’s Yoga Meltdown

3. Continue to track all food, the good, the bad, and the ugly

4. Limit alcohol consumption

5. Enjoy myself 🙂
The last point was a reminder from my MyFitnessPal friend, 120weeks, thanks.

I will check back in next week to let you all know how I do.

My Goals

A good place to start with everything is to identify your goals, and I never did do this here.  In order to measure my progress and for you to witness it, we need to know where I’m headed.

My fitness and weight loss goals:

1.  Goal Weight = 134.8 – this may seem a random number to most, but the reason I picked it is because that will be -100 lbs from my starting weight.  I want the scale to read 134.8 before I will say that I am in maintenance. In reality, I  want my maintenance to be within +- 5 lbs of that weight.  I want to hit my goal weight by May 15, 2013 – that is losing about 1 lb per week.

Here is me in October 2010, at my heaviest, I do not want to look that way again:

2.  Run the Billerica Turkey Trot 5K on November 18.

3.  Where a bathing suit that doesn’t cover up my belly next Summer (2013).

This is what I looked like in a swimsuit (not baring belly) before I began my journey.  This was in September 2010:

To reach your goals, you not only need to state them, but you need a plan to achieve them.  So here is my plan:

My current weight is 169.2 lbs, 34.4 lbs from my goal weight.  To get to my goal weight, I will track my calories using MyFitnessPal.  I will track through the app on my iPhone and also through the website.  My target caloric intake right now is 1781 calories/day, but I will adjust that as needed if I begin to lose to fast, if I start gaining, or if I hit a plateau.  I’ve been tracking via MyFitnessPal for almost 2 months now and I find it extremely easy, they have a great database, and I’ve built up a nice support system through the site.  This tool should prove invaluable to my imminent success.

My second goal is run a 5K on November 18.  To train for that, I will continue the Pooch to 5K program with my dog.  The P25K program is 12 weeks, but the race is in 7 weeks, yikes!  I don’t want to rush the pup into running a 5K, so to supplement this program, I will also run on my lunch break at work.  I’ve been walking at lunch for about 2 months, but this week, I will begin jogging instead.

Because she’s cute, here’s photo of my pup, Maddy:

The third goal to rock out in a bathing suit that shows off my tummy will be achieved by working out at least 60 minutes 6 days per week (or 360 minutes per week) including both cardio and strength training.  My current avenue to working in strength training is Jillian Michaels’ Ripped in 30 program.  I am two weeks in and already seeing results:


So far, I really love this program, so when I complete it, I will continue on to Jillian’s 30 Day Shred and then probably more of her workout DVDs.  I will also continue practicing yoga 1 – 2 times per week, running (see above), and work in cycling and other training as I become inspired.

Those are my goals and I promise to keep you posted on my progress!

I’m Back!!

I was sick for about a week and I got really worried that I’d start slacking off with the fitness routine once recovered because that has been my pattern.  I was feeling pretty crappy last week Sunday – Thursday and I couldn’t even go to work, forget working out!  It’s better for your body to rest when your sick anyway because then your system can focus on healing rather than expending energy for working out.

After being sick, my husband, Dave, dog, Maddy, and I went down to Falmouth on Cape Cod for a long weekend.  The campground we camped at was positioned right on the Shining Seas Bikeway and we cycled two days out of four, so that was wonderful to get back into working out slowly.  Still I was a little bit worried about getting back to Jillian and Pooch 2 5K.

Shining Sea Memorial Bikeway

Tuesday was back to work after almost a full week off between sick and vacation time.  At lunch, I went out for my daily walk (success!!).  I walked for the normal 2+ miles at a pace of 4.39 mph, which was on par with the pace I was walking before I took a week off!  I had dinner plans with friends after work, but I got my butt home first and did my Ripped in 30 routine.  Felt great to have not given up!

Because I took a full week off from working out, I decided that I would start over with week 1 of the Ripped in 30 program.  I do not regret it!  It’s a little more cardiovascularly challenging than it was the first time around.  Probably because my lungs were busy fighting infection last week.  Anyhow, I came home today and continued with the program, so I think it’s official – I’m back and I didn’t lose my mojo.  This is truly a sign that my attitude has changed and I’m full on into a lifestyle transformation.

After RI30 today, I took Maddy for our Pooch 2 5K route.  I also decided to begin again in week 1 (run 60 seconds, walk 90 seconds).  We were much slower today (average pace 4.11 mph) and it’s not the speed that really clued me in, it was that we were not at specific sites on the route at the right time.  There is one hill that I have always been in the walk portion of when reached, today, I had to run up it half way!  It was difficult, but we made it through :).

I’m glad to be back and feeling better.  Working out is wonderful.  It clears my mind and relieves stress.  It just may be a new addiction.

Sick Ugh!

I have been sick for 3 days which means no working out!!  Every time this has ever happened in the past, it’s totally derailed my progress.  I hope that doesn’t happen this time!


Who am I and what will this blog be about?

My name is Cassie, I am 30 years old, married with dog (Maddison, Maddy), a young technical service professional in the specialty chemical industry.  I lost a lot of weight during my teen years growth spurt then I gained a bit back in college (though I was still pretty active).  After college is when the pounds really started racking on and in 2011 just after purchasing our first home, I had the realization that I was up to 234.8 lbs!! On top of that, I had borderline high blood pressure.  Talk about a wake up call.  In March 2011 I joined weight watchers to turn my life around.

I lost about 60 lbs on ww in a year and then I decided to try MyFitnessPal because it is free.  I’ve been doing that for a month and have lost 7 lbs so far.

I am refocusing my efforts on to not just losing weight (I only have 35 lbs left to my goal weight!), but also onto getting fit.  This blog will focus on talking about my workouts and tracking my progress through photos, measurements, and weight lost on the scale.  I will also post about some recipes I make and enjoy.

I’ve been into yoga for a few years now and that has been my primary workout over the last 1 1/2 years with a little cycling thrown in there.  Over the past month, I’ve really kicked it up a notch because I’m not going to get fit without putting in more effort.  I have dedicated myself to exercising for at least 30 minutes during my lunch hour at work by either walking a few miles or joining in group fitness with yoga or pilates.  I use MapMyFitness to track my walks, runs, and bike ride.  I’ve also starting following Jillian Michael’s Ripped in 30 DVD workout program.  I am currently in week 2 of that program with 2 days left.  I’ve also started Pooch to 5K with my dog because she’s a little out of shape too and I would like to start running because it’s great exercise and should really help improve my endurance.  We are currently repeating week 1 of that program with 2 days left.

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