I’m 30 years old, in technical services at a chemical company, married to my best friend (even though that is cliche), and we have our favorite puppy, Maddison. I lost 60 lbs on weight watchers, which worked wonderfully and I love weight watchers, but I no longer wanted to pay the fees. I put myself into maintenance over the summer because I had bought myself fabulous new clothes and I wanted to enjoy the clothes and not shrink out of them over the summer. After this, I found weight watchers to be very expensive. So I decided to give MyFitnessPal a try because it is free and has a wonderful database! So far, I absolutely love it! I need to track my food to keep myself accountable and I’m a science geek at heart so I like to see trends and track data. I have a renewed passion for yoga and fitness because I find it extremely relaxing and balancing to exercise. I love riding my bike and walking or jogging with the dog.


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