I’m Back!!

I was sick for about a week and I got really worried that I’d start slacking off with the fitness routine once recovered because that has been my pattern.  I was feeling pretty crappy last week Sunday – Thursday and I couldn’t even go to work, forget working out!  It’s better for your body to rest when your sick anyway because then your system can focus on healing rather than expending energy for working out.

After being sick, my husband, Dave, dog, Maddy, and I went down to Falmouth on Cape Cod for a long weekend.  The campground we camped at was positioned right on the Shining Seas Bikeway and we cycled two days out of four, so that was wonderful to get back into working out slowly.  Still I was a little bit worried about getting back to Jillian and Pooch 2 5K.


Shining Sea Memorial Bikeway

Tuesday was back to work after almost a full week off between sick and vacation time.  At lunch, I went out for my daily walk (success!!).  I walked for the normal 2+ miles at a pace of 4.39 mph, which was on par with the pace I was walking before I took a week off!  I had dinner plans with friends after work, but I got my butt home first and did my Ripped in 30 routine.  Felt great to have not given up!

Because I took a full week off from working out, I decided that I would start over with week 1 of the Ripped in 30 program.  I do not regret it!  It’s a little more cardiovascularly challenging than it was the first time around.  Probably because my lungs were busy fighting infection last week.  Anyhow, I came home today and continued with the program, so I think it’s official – I’m back and I didn’t lose my mojo.  This is truly a sign that my attitude has changed and I’m full on into a lifestyle transformation.

After RI30 today, I took Maddy for our Pooch 2 5K route.  I also decided to begin again in week 1 (run 60 seconds, walk 90 seconds).  We were much slower today (average pace 4.11 mph) and it’s not the speed that really clued me in, it was that we were not at specific sites on the route at the right time.  There is one hill that I have always been in the walk portion of when reached, today, I had to run up it half way!  It was difficult, but we made it through :).

I’m glad to be back and feeling better.  Working out is wonderful.  It clears my mind and relieves stress.  It just may be a new addiction.

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